History of observing our oceans

Hefring Engineering is a research and development company focused on intelligent and scalable autonomous subsea vehicles. We have taken years of oceanographic engineering experience and expertise and combined them with decisive focus on solving a few key problems, which can significantly broaden our understanding of the world’s oceans.

In 2019, we set out to provide turn-key data collection solutions with a focus on underwater robotics and autonomy.


We started by building out engineering talent, laboratory space, and production space in the Boston area, a center of advanced subsea robotics development in North America.


Being based in Gloucester (MA), just north of Boston, proved an attractive location for top engineering talent to live and work as well as a valuable area to forge partnerships with research institutions in this space, while having direct access to the ocean for testing.


The company is US owned and operated and supported by a board of directors and leadership team, comprised of foremost thought leaders in oceanographic technology.

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